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Michael joins Distinguished Speakers at the annual symposium

The Patient Advocacy Symposium has a new date & location to offer the best experience possible! Don’t miss Michael’s presentation on ‘How to Make Sure you Outlive Your Resources and Preserve Your Legacy’, which outlines various legal instruments that clients create and how they impact the work of patient advocacy. Joined by well-known local and national healthcare and legal experts, attendees will experience a fabulous, inspiring and educational event with these Distinguished Speakers who can give them the real story about patient rights; how to navigate the costs associated with long-term care expenses and how to best advocate for loved ones in a changing healthcare landscape.



About the Symposium & the Patient Advocacy Movement

The patient advocacy movement is spreading fast and with good reason. Patient advocates fill an important role in today’s ever increasingly complex medical industry. Whether you are a healthcare professional interested in gaining insight into this emerging field, or have a loved one in need of true patient care, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this important event.

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