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Creating Legacies of Significance

In this program we discuss a different paradigm for the transfer of wealth that seeks to enhance family relationships. Traditional wealth planners, accountants, attorneys and others have ‘taught’ us the ‘proper’ methods of planning. This new and informative presentation suggests that by changing the paradigm of how we look at planning, we can move the discussion forward. By helping clients capture their values and goals, it provides a unique and holistic way to address the issues of the family so that transition is something to be cherished and celebrated. The focus shifts from strategies and tactics to a collaborative, value driven model that allows families to accumulate and enjoy the wealth without destroying relationships and still maintain integrity and the ability to make a meaningful impact on the family and community.

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Not sure where to start? Schedule this seminar to introduce key legacy concepts to your team, and determine how legacy discussions can make a difference for you & your business.

When it comes to planning legacies, the values-based approach from FLA focuses on more than just taxes and money. It incorporates the story behind your success and how you’ll be remembered — whether through a business’s impact on a community, or simply eliminating uncertainty by opening a dialogue with family. Perfect for healthcare professionals, lawyers, financial planners, business owners and families.

Constantly changing laws call for an easy way to keep your loved ones informed of your wishes and your planning current. This proprietary process incorporates Trust and Estate Planning, Exit Planning for Business Owners, and ways to pass on your values to your family.

Suggested reading: The Ultimate Legacy: How You Can Create, Expand, Enjoy and Sell a Purposeful Practice, by Michael Stuart.

Discusses the advantages of properly planning your estate and our unique philosophy. Covers ways to protect your assets and avoid any unforeseen problems from the government or interested parties.

Geared toward the business owner, this program explains ways to successfully transition a business to an insider or a third party, while at the same time maximizing the owner’s profit and minimizing taxes.

Suggested reading: The Ultimate Legacy: How You Can Create, Expand, Enjoy and Sell a Purposeful Practice, by Michael Stuart.

Discusses the specific rules regarding retirement plans and ways to avoid losing over 50% of your IRA to the IRS. Reviews the rules to allow the “stretchout” and increase the value of the IRA over time.

Explains different strategies beyond revocable trusts to minimize taxes and protect assets for the family, including Family Limited Partnerships, Charitable Trusts, and Insurance Trusts.

This seminar discusses the different types of charitable vehicles and techniques you can use to save income and estate taxes while at the same time benefiting your family and your favorite charities.

This seminar covers many areas a person should consider before retiring, as well as the impact of finances on their estate plans. Discusses the impact of the minimum distribution rules, how that may affect the planning you have done, and how to gain the flexibility you need.

This seminar focuses on the needs of families who have children or adults with disabilities and how to provide care and protect assets for their benefit. Outlines ways to protect a child or adult from being disqualified from getting state benefits when they receive an inheritance.

Explains the impact of various changes in the laws on your estate plan.

This workshop discusses many ways trusts can be used to protect your assets and the ways they must be set up to accomplish your goals.

This seminar is designed for current and future trustees and explains the importance of choosing a Trustee. It describes the duties a Trustee must fulfill now and in the future and the liabilities they face.