Running a business can be difficult, but transitioning can be more difficult.  The ability to focus on pressing issues is critical for every individual, business and profession.

We found that understanding the technical aspects of your craft is not enough. You must be able to bring clients together in a meaningful way to accomplish your objectives. As John and I were talking about the different clients we serve, we realized they were dealing with the same issue: They were all busy people trying to do everything their work demands and still keep the home intact.

We realized that the clients we dealt with had so many things on their plate, their minds could not slow down enough to focus. We recognized that many of the same principles that apply to mindfulness could benefit a variety of people.  As we developed our mindfulness practice, we came to appreciate that the same principles that help people deal with day to day personal issues work in the business realm as well.

The Family Legacy Alliance is a collaborative team of professionals from various backgrounds in Business, Health Care, and Meditation, among other disciplines. We are dedicated to helping bring people together to focus on the most pressing issues they face. Collectively, we have decades of experience in diverse fields to give a more holistic view to the process. We have formed a unique group of collaborative professionals who focus on family health, enterprise and wealth.


Hear about Michael’s legacy story and what it means to him and his family.

Our goal is to work with people to create healthy family exchanges, habits, investments and legacies which will benefit them for generations. Learn more »


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