We provide training on Mindful Meditations™ to ensure that people can focus on their goals. Often, business meetings and retreats will start with a short session to clear the mind and open communication so more can be accomplished.


Start your mindfulness journey

Book your one-on-one session, join a meditation series, or schedule an extended group retreat.


We’ve included a few of our most popular Mindful Meditations topics. Select from these when scheduling your session or request a topic of your choice for a more personalized experience.

  • Affirmations and positive self-talk

  • Coping with stress

  • Stress reduction through mindfulness

  • Three-minute meditation technique

  • Difference between mindfulness, yoga and meditation

  • Impact of being present — keeping a curious mind, inquisitive spirit, general enjoyment and avoiding ‘auto-pilot’

  • Examining thoughts vs feelings

  • What meditation is and what it is not — religion or dogma

  • Acceptance and forgiveness

  • Mindful Breath and Mindful Movement

Customize your experience

Choose a topic — or set of topics — that resonates with you, and we’ll build an experience that suits your goals.


Through the integration of Yoga and Meditation we teach techniques to reduce stress, improve confidence, enhance relationships and clarify decision making.

We meet with clients either one-on-one or in group Mindfulness sessions to teach how to calm the mind to better concentrate, handle difficulties and re-energize their lives. We use the power of meditation and yoga principles to create structure and focus in times of uncertainty.

An initial consultation will help discover if Mindful Meditations™ is right for you.

These instructor led meditations help you:

Other benefits include:

  • Apply these solutions in real life situations to mitigate the challenges of daily life
  • Learn practical ways to deal with difficulties
  • Learn different forms of meditation, yoga and mindfulness and their distinctions
  • Develop regular meditation practices to stay on track
  • Build a community of like-minded people that support your goals
  • Relax and capture all that is around you
  • Acceptance without judgement
  • Develop and practice patience
  • Experience with the beginner’s mind
  • Cultivate curiosity
  • Develop appreciation for Gratitude
  • Release unhelpful attitudes
  • Be in the moment

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