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Preparing for a succession to your practice requires solid business planning, but if you’re not emotionally prepared for the outcome, the process can create more stress than success. The team at FLA can help you identify potential blindspots, so you can address them early and ensure you’re fully prepared to take the next phase head-on — whether that means a new business venture, retirement, or a future of your own design.

Suggested reading: Measuring Your Emotional IQ is the Key to Successful Ownership Transitions, by Sarah Beyne of Growth and Acquisition, LLC and Michael Stuart, JD, CPA of Family Legacy Alliance, LLC


Not sure where to start? This 15- to 30-minute session helps introduce new practitioners to the benefits of mindfulness and breathing principles. Perfect for those curious about mindfulness and meditation, these instructor-led sessions can be easily scheduled to accommodate even the most busy daily routine (and it might just help with that, too).

Feeling stressed and unfocused? By creating a regular meditation routine, you can regain control and structure during times of uncertainty. With instructor-led meditation sessions, you’ll feel rejuvenated and more productive, whether it’s a quick 15-minute session, or a full 90-minute immersion. To maximize impact, these meditations also incorporate real-life scenarios with feedback from your own experiences to showcase how these practices can help mitigate challenges faced in daily life.

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