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What is NLPG?

Perhaps you graduated from law school several years ago and now have decided you want to go out on your own. Or you’ve gotten to the point where you’re overwhelmed with all the things you have on your plate. You want to expand, but can’t even get the time to think about it.

When you started, you were excited about being on your own, but all of a sudden you had to think about the business of running a practice. You realized very quickly that law school had taught you the law, but you felt unprepared to run a business.

You learned case law and how to make an argument in law school, but they didn’t teach all the things that keep businesses in business.

Feeling lost on
details like…

  • Setting up your office
  • When and how to hire staff
  • Keeping a set of books
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Getting clients
  • Marketing
  • Passive income sources

  • Succession planning

Membership Plans

Join Next Level Peer Group with a variety of membership options to fit your needs and schedule. Check out the Events Calendar for upcoming sessions, and register today and take the first steps in streamlining your law practice!


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I wanted to create a collegial and collaborative forum for experienced estate planning attorneys to make their practices enjoyable and rewarding using business ideas to transform their practices so they can make an impact on the lives of the clients they serve, be profitable and still maintain an enriched work life balance.

Michael StuartMichael G. Stuart, JD, CPA


We started Next Level Peer Group because we wanted to address these issues so that you can enjoy your practice again and not feel like you are endlessly underwater.

Through NLPG you can find out what other attorneys are doing to expand and grow their practices, and may find out that others are in the same boat.

We help lawyers transform their practices by having a collaborative forum to discuss issues that come up that you may not be sure how to handle.

Features & Benefits

Through monthly Next Level Peer Group meetings, members will benefit not only from NLPG facilitators, but also from the experience of those around them — attorneys of all ages and experience. Each session is structured to focus on a common need or problem area, with step-by-step instruction to identify, address and improve those areas.

Attorney-only Forum

Participate in discussions, share questions, and troubleshoot issues with others who understand what it means to run a law practice.

Find Efficiencies

Identify ways to run your practice more efficiently.

Collaborate & Brainstorm

Enjoy a collaborative & collegial atmosphere with others in your field.

Work-life Balance

Establish a practice that feels more sustainable and enjoyable, and still have time for family and other non-work essentials.

Establish Goals

Outline your goals with structured guidance that can help you achieve them.


The members of the group can help keep you accountable, so you can stay on-track with your goals.

Simplify & Streamline

Create systems to streamline your business and eliminate redundancies.

Prevent Overwhelm

Sometimes just having a plan can help refocus your mindset and keep calm even in the eye of the storm.

Navigate the day-to-day

Learn how others navigate common day-to-day issues and how best to apply them to your situation.

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