The Family Legacy Alliance is committed to helping service-based businesses achieve their goals through the use of innovative and proven strategies designed to successfully build, maintain, and transition enterprises from one generation or business owner to the next. We provide mentoring, coaching, and consultation services for industry professionals in accounting, law, healthcare, and finance, as well as family businesses and other enterprises. When it comes to planning legacies, we believe in a values-based approach because life isn’t just about taxes and money. It’s important to know the story that drives you and your clients and how they wish to be remembered — either through their businesses’ impact on the community or simply by eliminating uncertainty for their families by opening a dialogue.

Whether helping industry professionals expand their business and service offerings, or working with family enterprises to ensure a lasting legacy while keeping the peace at home, we help navigate the path to success. Our expansive network of senior-level advisors provides a broad knowledge base, allowing us to create unique and customized solutions. That requires the guidance of experts who understand that you and your clients have sacrificed time with family and friends over the years, in order to build something bigger than yourselves. This collaborative model shifts the focus to community-based and human-centered values, building stronger relationships, establishing meaningful goals, and creating a valuable legacy.


Our mission is to help advisors whose clients are ready to sell their businesses or to simply start transitioning from one family owner to the next. We design and implement customized strategies that provide holistic and creative solutions, based on each client’s unique vision of their legacy.

Our goal is to work with families to create enterprises that will leave legacies future generations can count on.


We recognize that providing guidance that’s outside the box is a competitive advantage. We’re here to teach and transform the way advisors approach service-based and family businesses looking to transition their enterprises. We help families enjoy their wealth in a way that preserves integral relationships, allows their businesses to thrive, and offers them the opportunity to contribute to their communities and fulfill a personal search for meaning.

By leveraging our expertise, we give assurance that we understand your vision of what you hope to leave future generations, and of the love and hard work you poured into earning the wealth in the first place. We integrate personal, business, and family goals to provide a truly balanced, values-based approach.

Our goal is to work with families to create lasting legacies that will benefit the family for generations.


Our core consideration is the development of the business in a purposeful and meaningful way that accomplishes the clients’ objectives. Clients are taught to view circumstances more holistically and to align them with their overall visions. It’s important to conduct periodic progress reviews to ensure long-term success.


Each enterprise has unique circumstances under which it was created and developed. Many service-based professionals are not taught how to run a business successfully. They are taught the nuances of their trade, but get lost in the day-to-day activities that must be undertaken for continued success: location of the business, keeping books and records, networking and marketing, hiring and firing, setting up for the transition of ownership, and intrafamily issues. They may have had initial successes, but eventually reach a plateau and could benefit from some outside guidance.

Many families are ill-versed in dealing with inter-family or inter-generational communication. Some family members have more financial knowledge, people skills, or other talents that can be leveraged for even further success.

Depending on the situation, some of these concerns call for unique and complex solutions that are best analyzed from different viewpoints. We consult with the client to determine their goals and objectives. With their assistance, we outline a process to achieve those goals and to ensure prosperity while assuring the proper transition of the enterprise — whether it is continuation in the family or through another transition. We are committed to strengthening the long-term viability of the business and ensuring that the family will prosper.


Creating a legacy is a powerful undertaking, and one we take very seriously. It is our aim to prepare, develop and guide the client through a process that will foster stronger relationships, a clearer focus, and a greater possibility of facing and overcoming unanticipated challenges in the future — in both their businesses and personal lives.

Our comprehensive process is designed to learn as much as we can about your unique circumstances in a confidential, unified manner.

Initial Consultation

During this initial meeting, we get to know the client and their family to determine if our services would be a fit. It is usually attended by one or two FLA team members, as well as one or two enterprise members. By learning the nuances of the family dynamic, we can better recommend particular services for their needs. This provides a starting point to begin the conversation and outline next steps, with the objective of building rapport and gaining clarity on each client’s unique situation. At this point, with the agreement of all parties, an engagement letter outlining the scope of the project and fees will be signed.


The Discovery step includes more in-depth conversations, evaluating the current situation to gain further understanding. We collaborate with FLA team members, enterprise members and existing advisors to collect this information. Confidential questionnaires are completed to provide a holistic picture of the complexities involved. At this point, the project begins and an initial outline is presented, much like an “enterprise audit,” with next steps identified.


The FLA team will examine the information collected in the first two phases, discussing them in a collaborative, holistic setting. We continue to meet with clients and facilitate the conversations that work towards developing goals and vision. We help bring clarity to the process and engage in values discussions that uncover core beliefs. Deliverables in this phase include high-level recommendations and solutions for current and future success. We will also engage in a discussion about the priorities of objectives, allow the client to analyze alternatives and make logical decisions. This also helps to discover and develop the talents and strengths of each participant.


Once the “engagement audit” and situation analysis are complete, we are able to outline specific step-by-step procedures so that the client has an in-depth action plan to follow. At this point, the client has identified key areas of focus, and FLA has designed and defined practical solutions in line with the enterprise’s goals. Collectively, we help clarify outcomes and outline shared values. The Design deliverable can be shared with existing advisors for implementation, or they can proceed to the Implementation phase with the FLA team.


The action plan developed in the Design phase is now executed. The FLA team will meet with clients on a regular basis, acting as accountability coaches, to make sure goals are met and progress is made. A maintenance schedule is established with the client to periodically review progress to ensure long-term plan success.