Ryan and Jenn Walk Down the AisleAt the end of each year, I like to reconnect with our clients for review and reflection. So much can happen over the course of a year – families grow, financial situations change, and new elements of your legacy unfold. I, myself, saw my eldest daughter get married, my youngest daughter start graduate school, and my son finish his first year of college. Sometimes there are large life changes (like a wedding), and other times they’re more subtle as we simply grow older each year. We do our best to prepare estate plans, wills, and trusts that are perennial and everlasting, but from time to time, it’s important to revisit those documents. Revisit your situation. Revisit your goals, dreams and hopes for your family.

The Stuart FamilyThese dreams and goals go beyond the legal documents and monetary inheritance. During this time of year, families are getting together for Thanksgiving dinner, to exchange gifts, or celebrate the new year, but so often it’s the simplest of memories that are the most cherished. Sitting at the dinner table while grandpa tells stories of his childhood provides hours of entertainment. Younger family members get to know aspects of their parents and grandparents lives — to see them in another light. This concept is something we seek to preserve. We help our clients immortalize those memories so they can continue long after they’re gone.

For that reason we implemented the Ultimate Legacy℠ service. Not only does it enable you to protect the monetary inheritance, it also provides a way to capture your family history and personal legacy within your legal documents. Imagine being able to share the story behind your mother’s necklace, or the hard work of your grandfather that made the business what it is today. Over time so much can change within a family, and we’re here to help you protect your legacy. So this holiday season, cherish the moments spent with your family. And before grandpa starts recounting that story you’ve heard 100 times, give us a call so we can help you capture that memory forever.