If you were not born into an affluent family or you did not marry an individual of “means”, chances are that you worked for a number of years to build income and eventually, wealth. After you have attained wealth, the key is to preserve the wealth for years and generations to come.

What happens in the wealth preservation phase?

  • You are likely to spend less money, as your children have left the home, you finish paying car notes and you have repaid the mortgage
  • Your income from your accumulated wealth exceeds your expenses
  • Your assets from investments are growing (or at least not losing value)

In short, you are at the stage where you have accumulated a sufficient amount of income-generating assets to cover all your current and future spending. As you keep adding to these assets over time, you have more than enough to continue investing and re-investing.

Both your assets and your income start to compound exponentially which will further accelerate your income leading towards a richer and richer retirement.

What’s next?

Your focus should be centered on…

  1. The need to preserve your capital
  2. Generating enough income for an ongoing retirement in comfort
  3. Financing long-term care, if and when required


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