Being Present. Being Connected. Being Yourself.

A few years ago, I was honored to be invited to the wedding reception for my friends, Tracy and Tim, and throughout the evening I just observed the festivities as they unfolded. We were in a house on the North side of Chicago, and there must have been 125 people in attendance, in a very close space. It was a typical Chicago summer day…hot, a bit muggy, and very little breeze. But the atmosphere was so electric with the day’s excitement that no one gave it a second thought. Tim and I have become good friends, and we’ve experienced much together in a short time. Similarly, I’ve gotten to know Tracy in the same way, and it has been such a pleasure to see their relationship blossom and the mutual respect and love they have for one another.

As this diverse group was assembled to share in the love and joy of the day, I was amazed by the realization that everyone in attendance was open and engaging, talking to one another as old friends or excitedly meeting someone new. Someone once told me that you’ll know a good party from the way people are engaged with each other. And that was certainly the case at this party. Everyone was truly and honestly listening to what was being conveyed, in the moment, without a care about what went before or what was to come — just enjoying the interaction with the person in front of them. Truly a beautiful sight.

In that one instance, I realized how much we can get wrapped up in the future or the past (no matter how long ago it happened), but the only reality we have is right now…here…with the people we are with. And at that moment, we must find a way to honestly express our feelings with positive regard for the other, without being intentionally mean or cutting. We must be willing to be vulnerable, to show the exposed underbelly and risk appearing weak or too sensitive (or whatever it is that causes your mental chatter to take over).

The point is: exist in the moment. Be willing to express yourself in spite of your doubts. Act toward your highest vision of yourself and your best champion’s vision of yourself and just GO FOR IT! You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish and how many people will see you for who you are instead of how you think they’ll see you. Just a thought…


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