For several years, I went hiking in the woods the day after Thanksgiving. It was a way for me to clear my head, walk off some of the Turkey dinner and feel more connected. This year, I decided to go Thanksgiving morning instead.  As I was walking and getting used to the brisk morning, I began thinking of the things I have to be thankful for and the things I had accomplished, so here is my non-inclusive list:

  • that I committed to riding three century rides on my bicycle this year and completed three metric centuries
  • that I completed the North Shore Century and Apple Cider Century on back-to-back weekends and did 75 miles and 65 miles in the rain
  • that my buddy John and I decided to do five organized rides next year
  • that I re-established relationships with those in my family from whom I’d become estranged over the years
  • that my family is happy and healthy
  • that I have a great team of people working with me at the office
  • that our business is growing every day due to their efforts
  • that I’m looking forward to next year with excitement, passion and a positive attitude
  • that I have a wonderful circle of friends that supports me as I support them
  • that sometimes it helps me to stop and take in the beauty around me and enjoy all that God has created

All in all, life is good and getting better. I’m looking forward to the challenges, excitement and passion that is going to unfold in the coming months. We all face times that are more trying than others, but keeping positive in spite of that is key. Not staying down after having a curve ball thrown at you…

All things considered, I have a full and beautiful life and a ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ type of family — and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We can be exuberant and loud, and we are passionate about the things that matter. As the holidays get into full swing, we can get wrapped up in the stress and running around that goes with it. Sometimes it’s just nice to step back and a deep breath and see what it is you really have. I’m glad I did…