Father’s day has different meanings to people.  When I was growing up, it seemed that Dad worked a lot, but he also had a creative outlet that let him relax.  He was very handy with woodworking and tools, and it seemed he could build almost anything. He also provided a stability that gave us a great deal of comfort.  Dad was the patriarch of the family and it seemed in my young years that nothing could phase him.  He always wanted us to do our best and work hard to make us better.  I learned later after he was gone that he had a sensitive side that I really didn’t get to see during those early years.  It wasn’t until much later when I had my own kids that I understood better the challenges of being a Dad and trying to provide that kind of counsel.

After my Dad died, I had the good fortune to get to know a few people who were instrumental in continuing the counsel that my Dad had started to give me.  Even as I hit bumps in the road, they would help me to stay on track and stay focused.   I still counsel with some of them today.  As Father’s Day approaches, I want to thank all those who have helped me over the years and acknowledge them for their contribution.  They were there when I needed them and they always made the time for me even with everything else going on in their lives.  Theirs is truly a legacy to be cherished and I am grateful that they are part of my life.