Spring is a time when we come out of our doldrums from the winter, everything is in bloom and we can get back outdoors and enjoy the nice weather.  It is also a time for family, especially around the holidays.  I remember when I was a kid, how exciting Easter was for us.  Mom would spend hours getting the house ready with decorations and cooking.  The warm smells from the oven as my Mom cooked are vivid in my memory.   The family would congregate at the house, the kids would run around until dinner was ready and it seemed like there was not a care in the world. After my Dad died, my Mom kept many of the traditions of our heritage alive for us, and family was always an important aspect of that.

Things have changed over the years and the world around us has changed as well.  Our kids are older (note that I have not aged a day… 🙂 ), there is more technology than ever before and time seems to be at a premium.  Spending time with family and just talking almost seems like a lost art.  Remembering and preserving our family histories and traditions is becoming more difficult.  Keeping our Legacies alive is what makes our families unique, and while some of the traditions may have become outdated, the things that keep our families together are timeless.  Take the time for your families.  You’ll never regret it.