Listen in as Michael shares strategies for Creating Legacies of Significance with the team and members of the Purposeful Planning Institute. The program discusses a different paradigm for the transfer of wealth meant to enhance family relationships. Traditional wealth planners, accountants, attorneys and others have ‘taught’ us the ‘proper’ methods of planning — this new and informative presentation suggests that by changing the paradigm of how we look at planning, we can move the discussion forward. By helping clients capture their values and goals, it provides a unique and holistic way to address the issues of the family so that transition is something to be cherished and celebrated. The focus shifts from strategies and tactics to a collaborative, value driven model that allows families to accumulate and enjoy the wealth without destroying relationships, while maintaining integrity and the ability to make a meaningful impact on the family and community.

Important Points:

  • Traditional planning methods are often ineffective. Most plans don’t work, they are under or unfunded, there is frequently a lack of communication on uncomfortable subjects, and the general lack of communication and collaboration among advisors contributes to the existing issues.
  • By using an intergenerational model to understand family history, intention and shared experiences, planning is transformed into a way to preserve family legacy so that the current and future generations will benefit.
  • There are many issues that arise from a planning perspective that are present and resolvable, and that are likely to present themselves in the future but are preventable. There are many more issues that may arise that we simply can’t anticipate. Purposeful or Values Based Planning incorporates a framework for addressing the “un-knowns” and provides a roadmap for advisors and beneficiaries based on the values, goals and vision of the family.
  • It is time to expand on the traditional definition of estate planning to incorporate core values, life experiences, and the impact and contributions our clients would like to have on others…this is their Legacy of Significance. Simultaneously, we must broaden the definition of success to include being able to enjoy financial wealth without neglecting relationships, communities or personal search for significance or meaning.
  • The most successful estate plans promote family harmony, protect and enhance the lives of beneficiaries, and preserve your client’s vision and values.


What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

– Pericles